One Pot Clam Bake

June 29, 2016

This is the first and only clam bake recipe that I have made and it was awesome!  At home or on a houseboat, this can easily be done.  With a roll of butcher paper or newspapers spread across your table, just pour the dinner out for everyone to enjoy!  I used lobster, as called for, but they were not live 😦  and I also added shrimp to the mix.  With the sausage, potatoes, eggs and corn, even the non-seafood eaters were happy!  If there is a large seafood pot at the vacation rental, I can see this happening 4th of July week!


Serve this no-frills feast with cold beer and bowls of melted butter and steaming broth for dipping. The broth cleans the clams, particularly steamers, of any stubborn grains of sand. To serve 4, halve the recipe and divide ingredients equally between two large (8-10 quart) pots.

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