Hello My Foodie Family!

This blog is for you and all of your eating celebrations! I love your dinner parties, barbeques, theme gatherings, and good ol’ dinner-at-home nights. I love… your adventurous eating, Eric; gumbo!, Emily; barbequing in any degree of Texas weather, Scott; calling me from a grocery aisle, Blake; surprising your friends with your cooking skills, Noelle; enthusiastically trying any new recipe that I come up with, Bret; and last but not least, my sous chef, Bill, who never fails to rally around the cutting board when I am in a pinch. (I know how you hate mincing the garlic!) For anyone else who wanders onto this site, these are recipes I have gathered over the years from a variety of sources which have been requested by family and friends. If there is a recipe that I have made for you and that you would like to have, just let me know know and I will add it. Over the lips and through the gums, look out stomach here it comes! Bon Appetit!!


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